Reading as a supplement

First of, all what is reading for you? As for each people can be varied. Now, I will answer that question for my own.

Reading for me is such of supplement of life that can always lift me up when I’m down. Therefore, I always be careful and picky of what I am reading.

I do love reading since I was a kid. I love to read magazines, comic, adventure novel for kids and so on. I collect some of them but I lost it somehow. 🤔 

Entering my youth the reading was slightly different, I added teenager magazines and english adult novel. Just for addition, I love english since I was a kid so I bought English-Indonesia translate magazines.

About around 20s my life has changed related to the death of my mom. I was so depressed, I couldn’t believe that I lost my mom. At that stage of life, I just knew about death on television. I knew my grandparents have death, but because they’re old right? My mom still young around 40s, I just couldn’t accept the reality.

So the fact, it was happened. I need to find out why? I always seek the answer through books, since I was not a person that easy to tell about how I felt at that young age. In addition I don’t easy to believe in people’s saying. I can trully understand only by reading.

I read many Buddhist books, inspirational books, motivational books and that sort of things until I get some point:

  1. Even when you cry and destroy yourself, it’s still happened. So it is useless for grieving all the times.
  2. Death can happen to anyone in any age, including my mom.
  3. Death is beyond our capability.

By those three points then I start to stop grieving and continue my life. 

Since then I keep reading those kind of positive reading. I find it feeding my soul, encourage myself, inspiring me to grow stronger to handle any difficulty in life. Everytime I lost my direction, I just always have to read and read to remind me what my goal in life. 

Joining a worpress and become a blogger give me access to read such a great positive, motivational and inspiring reading while I can also actualized my dream to be a writer to inspire others (hope so 😉).


Accessories: I used tartan tie and tie clip from dapper & classy collection (IG: dapper.classy_collection), which also tartan blue and red combination socks. My suit’s theme was blue and red 😊

3 thoughts on “Reading as a supplement

  1. I know all those feelings too well! I lost my Mother at 11, she was only 36. It was heartbreaking and still is to this day. I feel lost with out her many days, but am thankful I was given such a beautiful mother! Reading has always been my go to for ease of mind. So much can be given to us, knowledge, courage to keep fighting, and strength to endure the most painful. It’s another world to escape to when the one we live in isn’t so bright. 😊

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