Grand Opening of Renaissance Ballroom

Last week I accompanied my cousin to attend the grand opening of Renaissance Ballroom. The place is beautiful, it can be accessed by 1000 guesses and the parking is quite big, which is important to support big events. I love the decor and the tables setting. Actually, I had some picture of the stage decor but I lost it 🙄🙄🙄 so sorry. Oww anyway I … Continue reading Grand Opening of Renaissance Ballroom

Outfit of The Day

Hi everyone 😁 now I am here to share my outfit of the day. It’s been a long time for me not sharing my ootd hahaha.. As you can see I was wearing white suit and maroon long sleeves. Anyway, I chose dark orange pocket square with rose gold lapel pin to make it more fashionable hahaha.. I also wear maroon shoes and maroon socks … Continue reading Outfit of The Day

Fit and Proper Test

I had a fit and proper test a few days ago for my profession in finance company which was held in Jakarta (about an hour flight from my home town). I went there with one of my collegue, he had the same test but different time, he was at 1 p.m. and I was at 2 p.m. it was an interview test.  We went there … Continue reading Fit and Proper Test

Wedding party

I went to a wedding party of my friend’s brother last saturday. In my country, it was still quite common to have a table/ seating party for wedding. I will share some pictures to let you know more. Here was the decoration of the stage at my back. I love the stage decoration it gives luxury accent. There was the video when the groom giving … Continue reading Wedding party

Outfit of The Day

Hi 😁 it seems ages not sharing my ootd hahaha.. so here is my ootd on monday.. This time I chose to wear black and white 😉 most my collegues said I was like a doctor 😆😆😆 wearing black long sleeves and pants with white blaser. Let me show you the detail. For the accessories I chose black pocket square with silvery flowers motif and … Continue reading Outfit of The Day

Batik day

Forgive me for not showed up for a few days, it was a busy days lately in the office. Well, I want to share my outfit today, since every friday it is a batik day so I’m gonna share batik outfit. The outfit is designed by me 😁 since I love to wear a tailor made outfit that is more suitable for me and I … Continue reading Batik day

Ootd 2018

Hi it’s been a long time I am not sharing my ootd 😁 well this is my ootd for the first day in 2018 for work. This my new suits 😁 I try new colours in this year hahaha.. as you can see I choose pink and white. All my collegues just say “whoaa..” hahaha.. it’s rare that I use pink colour hahaha.. it’s just … Continue reading Ootd 2018

2017 to 2018

2017 has passed, here we come 2018 😁 the year full of hope. Well, when I look back 2017 was a great year there were so many things that I’ve overcome: I’ve learnt Reiki Tummo to help me overcome my anxiety due to GERD, and it really work 😁 I travel more to in my country (hope to travel more around my country in 2018) … Continue reading 2017 to 2018

A thousand words in a picture..

I am not a pro photographer but I do love taking pictures and also to be photographed 😅 of course hahaha.. It seems to me that a picture can say a thousand words, it involves the picture itself, the opinion of the one who’s watching the picture and the feeling at the moment.  Saya bukan fotografer profesional tapi saya suka mengambil foto dan difoto juga … Continue reading A thousand words in a picture..

My fave Monday..

Good Morning 😁 Selamat pagi 😁 I choose to be creative and stay cool, why? Well, why should I choose otherwise? 😉 hahaha.. Today, I just feel like I wanna be that way. Saya memilih untuk menjadi kreatif, mengapa? Yah, kenapa saya harus memilih kebalikannya? 😉 hahahaha.. Hari ini, saya rasa saya harus lebih kreatif. Life itself is a choise, everyday when we get up … Continue reading My fave Monday..