My suit style

Hi, readers ๐Ÿ˜‰ today I want to review one of my favorite suit. I used dark olive suit colour, combined with white colour long sleeves.

Now we moved to the accessories, I used a (rather) bold accessories as you could see a pocket square, a flower and a bee lapel pins. Since I’ve got bold accessories so I did not put a tie on. Furthermore, I put on white belt realted to the long sleeves. For the footwear I used vivid tartan green socks and black shoes. 

In addition, today I want to review my hairstyle today.

I make the V shape at the back for my hairstyle this time (I usually make it round shape).

At the front, I put a modern hair style which take on side part with length and volume on one side with a firm line and smooth shadow fade at the other side.

Well that’s my review for today. Have a nice day everyone. Thank you for reading.

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