Beautiful Sunset

The moment that I will write on this blog was happen after the fire training last saturday. It was around 3 p.m. when my sister called me reminding about my promise to my nephew to take him fishing. Actually, I do not like fishing.

Anyway, since my nephew want to go fishing (this is his first experience) well, I just accompany him. We (me, my sister, my dad, my niece and nephew) arrived at the fishing place around 4.30 p.m. I hire two fishings, one for my dad and one for my nephew. They went fishing, while I was busy taking pictures hahahaha just as usual.

Look at his beaming face hahaha.. eventhough they didn’t get any fish but still, he was happy 😁 to get the fishing experience.

There my niece, as usual being my free model hahahha..

I got all those photos in one place, beautiful isn’t it? I was happy to get the moment of this beautiful sunset.

This is my only photos take by my niece, well it took many shot to get this angle hahaha but it’s okay good job my niece 😘 hahahaha..

See you on the next blog..


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