Queen Bacon Facts

This time I wanna to share about the new comer in my office, Queen. She was staying in my office for the last 5 days.

Refer to Wikipedia, Miniature pig is an erroneous term that is used to refer to small breeds of domestic pig, such as Pot-bellied pigs, Göttingen mini pigs, Juliana pigs, Choctaw Hogs, or Kunekune (and specimens derived by cross-breeding with these). Notable features of most miniature pigs distinguishing them from other pigs may be defined by their possession of small, perked-back ears, a potbelly, sway back, chubby figure, rounded head, short snout, legs, and neck, and a short tail with thick hair at the end. Typically, most breeds of mini pigs will range from the minimum weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) to 200 pounds (91 kg).

Well, having pig as a pet is a new thing for us, especially for me hahahaha. There are some facts that surprised me:

  1. She will only pee and pup on the tray that we prepared.
  2. She likes to be around human.
  3. She loves to be rubbed on her belly.
  4. She doesn’t like to be rubbed from the front, so you must rub her from behind or beside.
  5. She hates to be carried up, maybe because she hasn’t trust us as a friend.
  6. She hates to be alone.
  7. She eats a lot, it seems like she always hungry all the times.
  8. She’s easy to be trained as long as you prepared the food for her gift.

See, I always have food with me every time i train her hahaha..

This video doesn’t exist

Let me show you what happened when we left her alone in a room.

She’s getting mad and doing silly thing like that.

Therefore, we locked the gate now whenever we left her alone (at night) hahaha.. naughty queen.

Now, she stays in her real home (my uncle’s house).

Well, hope she’s happy there 😁 love you queen. See you on the next blog.


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