My Pens Collection

Not so many people know that I am collecting pens even I don’t writing that much 😁 hahaha.. I just love it. I will show you the pictures.

I bought it around 5 years ago. It’s a ballpoint pen, which is an American brand Sheaffer.

The next one is a rollerball pen, which is a Sheaffer too. I bought it a year after the one above.

I got this as a birthday present, it’s a ballpoint pen which is a German brand Lamy. It’s different with the previous, it has a thin and sleek design.

I got this baby around two years ago. This is a MeisterstΓΌck Classique Resin And Platinum-Plated Ballpoint Pen of Montblanc. I love it so much.

Well on 2017 I got this ballpoint as a present, I like the white pearl colour on the body. It is also has a bold body.

I love the combination colour of black and gold on this fountain pen of Sheaffer. I also put my name there hahahaha πŸ˜… well, I found it rather cool, even I expected that the embossed name could be better but anyway it’s okay.

Furthermore, I would like to share my handwriting as I promised.

See you on the next blog 😁 hope you guys enjoyed my blog so far.

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