Chinese Tradition for Anchestors

Last month we gathered together in our anchestors cemetry to present the tradition ceremonial for the ones that have passed away. In Chinese traditon we only can fix or renovated the tomb once a year in April.
My aunties and uncles decided to renovated my grandparent’s tomb last April and it was finished on May. Therefore, we were there sons, daughters and grandchildrens to celebrate it. In that occasion we also sent luggages, golds, silvers and a new house for them. I will show you the pictures as follow, since it was easier to understand to see it in pictures.

Here’s the new design of my grand parent’s tomb, as you can see we presented foods and drinks also to honoured them.

Those paper dolls above are represent my grandfather and grandmother.

This go-cart was to take my grand parent to the new house.

This is the new house for them with all the paper furniture inside the house, paper dolls represent the servants.

This were the luggages with sets of clothes, shoes, sandals, money, gold and silver all made by paper.

As you can see we pray together to honoured them.

This one was for the God of the Land that was protecting my grandparent’s tomb.

This video doesn’t exist

The last ceremony after we finished praying was to burn down all the thing that we want to send. Now, we have to take my grand parent by go-cart to the new home.

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Anyway, we need to put the paper dolls of my grand parent’s inside the house, as follow:

Well, everything has done now 😊 we were ready to send it to them.

Now it was time to burn it down 🙏 as follow:

This video doesn’t exist

Well, this is our tradition to honour the ones that have passed away. See you on the next blog 😁 bye for now.

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