Vegetarian Menu

Hi, today I will share my another vegetarian recipe. It’s baked eggplant and potato salad. So, now let’s start with the egg plants, wash and cut it half. Prepare the sauce, I’m using vegetarian oyster sauce, soy sauce and sweet soy sauce. You can add onion if you like, just chop the onion. While bake the egg plant I prepared the potato salad. So, now … Continue reading Vegetarian Menu

Sweet Potato Porridge

Here’s another recipe from me 😁 it is a sweet potato porridge. It is easy to make, just prepare sweet potato, tapioca starch, brown sugar, a lil bit salt and coconut milk or soya milk. 1. First steam your sweet potato 2. When it’s done peel the skin. 3. This is what we got now. So let’s smash it and batter with tapioca starch until … Continue reading Sweet Potato Porridge

Quinoa Salad

Well, it’s been a long time since my last post. It has been a hard time for me to write in my blog since my colleague’s been sick and she has to do some operation in hospital, so I was busy and lots of pressure. Anyway, since I am trying to have a healthy life so I always make my own food and sometimes if … Continue reading Quinoa Salad

Traditional food

Well today I would like to discuss a little bit about traditional food in my hometown Pemalang, Indonesia. I do rarely going back to my hometown after moved out to other town which is about 4 hours driving. Therefore, when I went back a few months ago I hunt my favorite food all along the way. Hari ini saya akan mengulas sedikit tentang makanan tradisional … Continue reading Traditional food

Short trip on Sunday

It’s a hot sweatty day, I went a little bit outside town with my auntie’s family. We had a culinary trip but first of all we pray at wihara gunung pati. Dihari yang panas ini saya dan keluarga tante saya pergi agak keluar kota. Kami mengadakan perjalanan kuliner tapi pertama-tama kami berdoa dulu di wihara gunung pati. It’s a four faces Buddha Temple, which is … Continue reading Short trip on Sunday