Dieng Plateau 2

It was 2 a.m. my alarm phone ringing loudly 🙄 OMG I just slept and had to wake up. We prepared for the hiking. The bathroom was only one so we needed to take turn hahaha.. We were ready to go around 03:20 a.m. yeay.. let’s go buddies. It was dark, we still had to drive around 15 minutes. The road was bumpy and foggy. … Continue reading Dieng Plateau 2

Adventurous Trip

It was 5 a.m. when we started our journey to the middle of the sea with traditional small boat. You couldn’t expect more for the facilities since it is not a common tourist destination. Saat itu jam 5 pagi ketika kami memulai petualangan kami ke tengah lautan dengan kapal tradisional kecil. Anda tidak dapat berharap banyak terhadap fasilitas yang ada karena ini bukanlah tujuan wisata … Continue reading Adventurous Trip

Swimming class

I went swimming with my family on Sunday, my dad and sister with her two kids (my niece and nephew). My niece has been swimming for around six months and his brother just started the class not so long ago. Well he is a bit nervous in the water so yeah it need extra work for the teacher to teach him how to swim 😆😆😆 … Continue reading Swimming class

It was sunny day..

It was a sunny day, believe me 😎 hahaha.. It was before we snorkling around Gili Trawangan sea to the turtle point. If you read my blog daily you could find the video of the sea turtle that I shared on the previous blog. We found this nice restaurant near our hotel. I’ll show you some of the food that we had. It was yummy … Continue reading It was sunny day..

My first experience of snorkling..

I think whoever know me or reading my blogs continuously definitely know that I love sea. This time I wanna share my first experience in snorkling in Lombok to swim with sea turtle. Saya kira siapapun yang mengenal saya atau membaca blog saya secara berkelanjutan pasti tau bahwa saya sangat menyukai laut. Kali ini saya akan berbagi pengalaman pertama saya snorkling di Lombok berenang dengan … Continue reading My first experience of snorkling..


I love doing adventurous sport, one of its is rafting. Here I want to share my second experience in rafting at Citra Elo, Magelang. The river called Elo Progo river, with 12 km in distance which is taking around 2.5 hours raft. Saya sangat menyukai olahraga yang bersifat petualangan, salah satunya adalah arung jeram. Disini saya akan berbagi pengalaman arung jeram saya yang kedua di … Continue reading Rafting