What do you feel?

What do you feel about this photo? It reminds me of Davy Jones in the Pirate of the Caribbean movie. Well you should listen to his performance. The way he played his piano was wonderful. The sound was incredible, it played into your heart, touched you deepest soul. Now 😉 let’s talk about the picture and my feeling about it: I couldn’t remember the time, … Continue reading What do you feel?

A thousand words in a picture..

I am not a pro photographer but I do love taking pictures and also to be photographed 😅 of course hahaha.. It seems to me that a picture can say a thousand words, it involves the picture itself, the opinion of the one who’s watching the picture and the feeling at the moment.  Saya bukan fotografer profesional tapi saya suka mengambil foto dan difoto juga … Continue reading A thousand words in a picture..

Lovin beach

Have I told you that I love beach so much? I’m not sure is it because I am a Pisces, so I always love anything involved with water. My Chinese Zodiac is Dragon with fire element. Is that influenced me to choose beach or water to calm me down.  I would try to write a poem to describe what I feel near the beach: Whatever … Continue reading Lovin beach