What is “Beauty?”

Beauty is not about the place.. Beauty is not about the price.. Beauty is not about the decoration.. Beauty is about our perspection about being or things.. ❤❤❤ Well, that is my quote about beauty 😁 have a great day 😊👍 Note: the picture above I took when I was in holiday with my family last week, I’ll share the story on the next blog. … Continue reading What is “Beauty?”

Enjoy the moment

Enjoy not only the coffee, but the whole moment.. Enjoy not only the happiness, but also the sorrow.. Enjoy not only the result, but also the process.. Enjoy not only the time, but the whole life.. It is a circle of life, whether you like it or not you have to do it anyway.. why don’t we just enjoy it? instead of grumpy, yelling or … Continue reading Enjoy the moment

Where am I?

It was a day, or a night? It doesn’t matter.. I just closed my eyees, feel free to dream.. The ocean breeze was like a sleeping drug, the waves was like a lullaby.. I was unconsious with my existence.. Where am I?  Apakah ini siang hari, atau malam? Tidak berarti lagi.. Aku hanya memejamkan mataku, bebas untuk bermimpi.. Angin laut bagaikan obat tidur, deburan ombak … Continue reading Where am I?

On the Ocean

On the Ocean.. I am no body, just a human being with no desire, just be grateful.  There’s no sound, just a whisper deep in my heart. If one asked me what do you see on the ocean? Well, all I could tell is how beautiful the sky.. If one asked me what do you do on the ocean? Well, all I could do is … Continue reading On the Ocean

I am looking back

I am looking back, Not for regreting but to cherish.. I am looking back, Not to hold back but to continue.. I am looking back,  Not to complain but to be grateful.. At the end.. I am looking back,  Then I realised of how lucky I am 😊 Check out the latest photos by Selvia Fei: http://www.eyeem.com/u/27100840      Take and discover photos on EyeEm. For … Continue reading I am looking back

Let it go

Let it go.. It was easy to say but hard to do. When someone feel like he/she own something, then it is hard to let it go. Actually, we own nothing everything is just for a temporary. When we can put that in mind then we can have a freedom from our temporary belonging. Finally, we can let it go.. Check out the latest photos … Continue reading Let it go