Lunar New Year 2019 part 1

Hi everyone 😁 wishing you a happy lunar new year of 2019 all who celebrating it. Xin Nian Kuai Le, Wan Shi Ru Yi.

Last week, I celebrated new year with my family. Well, there 2 sessions which are the night before and the day of the new year. On this part 1, I would tell you the story on the night before CNY (Chinese New Year).

That evening, I was invited by my aunty family for having dinner with them.

We had a great night, beautiful decor, full entertained and super yummy food.

This one is the opening dish which is called yusheng (七彩鱼生; “seven-coloured raw fish salad) served during the Chinese New Year period. It’s also referred to as facai yusheng (发财鱼生; “prosperity raw fish salad”) or xinnian yusheng (新年鱼生; “Chinese New Year raw fish salad”).

The recipe included ingredients such as shredded white and green radish and carrots, ginger slices, onion slices, crushed peanuts, pomelo, pepper, essence of chicken, oil, salt, vinegar, sugar and more. In addition, to enhance the taste, it comes with some sauce in order to ensure a balanced taste for each dish.

Okay so just as usual I forget to take picture the rest of the dishes hahaha. Maybe because I was too excited with the entertainment.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

Well, yeah those are the lion and dragon dancing. We entertained by a singer too, but unfortunately I can not upload it here. It’s like something error. Anyway, that’s how we celebrated Lunar New Year here in Indonesia.

See you for the second part still in Lunar New Year 😁👍.

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