My first You Tube Channel

Hi guys, finally I’ve launched my first You Tube Channel as liong sufei. Well, it took me almost a year to consider the making of it.

Why it took me a long time? Hmmm.. Actually, I just paranoid hahaha.. you know maybe I’m getting older. Anyway, it’s better trying rather than end up with regretting.

The aim of my You Tube Channel is about life styles and to share positivity in life. I’m afraid we lack our positivity, just because there are so many criminal news. Therefore, we also have to share the positive news or information among our society. I hope my channel can remind us about the beauty of positivity in life.

The first video is about “What is Zen Corner” and the idea about how to make it.

Please kindly subscribe, like or comment. You can click the link here:

Thank you and have a great day.


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