Madura Trip, Day 3

Finally, Madura trip which was our final destination. We woke up a bit early to prepare since it was around 3 hours driving.

First of all of course breakfast hahaha.. this time my cousin ordered “nasi kucing” (cat rise 🙄 hahaha..) well, that is in english. I think it is because it comes in small portion.

We got 9 pax of rice in one box, as you can see it came with different kind of food, such as beef, chicken, tuna, etc. I like the beef one since it is not spicy hahaha.. I couldn’t eat the others.

Anyway, we busy packing so I just took picture of its and we ate those in the car.

It was quite a long way since we stopped in some places to buy some snacks to be taken home tomorrow.

I got a lil’ bored so I played with this elmo hahaha..

A lil’ bit sleepy but couldn’t sleep 😝 hahaha..

Finally, we arrived 😁 yeay we got there around 3 p.m.

This video doesn’t exist

That was the temple in Pamekasan, Madura. I editted the picture with new application which turned it into video hahaha 😁 hope you enjoy it.

We prayed and stayed for about 3 hours. Let me show you inside.

Well, the temple design interior is quite interesting, isn’t it? I love it.

We took off to Surabaya around 6 p.m. and it was a bit late when we arrived to our hotel and all of us were tired ofcourse.

Our flight was at 2.40 p.m. so thanks God we still have time to prepare tomorrow and no need to wake up early. Oww did I mention that we would going back by plane and let the driver took the car home hahaha.. we were just too tired and didn’t want to spend another 6 hours went back home. It was enough hahaha… we had done the culinary trip so we just wanna come back home straight away 😆😆😆 could you imagine 50 minutes by flight vs 6 hours driving.

Okay bye for now, see you on the next blog 😘 hahaha..

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