Madura Trip, Day 1

Last weekend I went to Madura accompanying my aunty and family to visit one of the Buddhist Temples there. We went by car on Saturday around 10 a.m. we did culinary along the way there hahaha.. let me show you what we had for culinary.

We call it Soto Kudus, it’s quite famous in Kudus Town. It is chicken soup with sprout, chicken shred and fried shallot. The taste sweet and a bit sour if you put the lime. This was our lunch, we had it about 1 p.m.

Well, we continued the journey around an hours to other town called Pati. We had other meal there 🀣 OMG I don’t know what to say for the meal at 2 p.m. hahahaha..

This one’s called nasi batu, it was served on a stone plate as you can see there were rice, fried tofu, fried tempe, fried anchovy, chilli and fried chicken in javanesse style.

This one is nasi bakar bandeng, it is rice with milkfish and cassava leaf wrapped in banana leaf and being grilled.

Okay so those were the whole menus that we had that day in Pati 🀣 hahaha..

We were just too full by food now 😁 so we continued to Tuban, we would visit one of the old temples there. We drove about 3 hours, so we arrived at around 6 p.m.

Those were the pictures of the temples. It was beautiful located just acrossed the beach.

That was my selfie 😁 at the beach acrossed the temple.

It was around 7 p.m. when we set off to Surabaya, since we would stay at Sheraton Hotel there. We arrived at 10 p.m. and had our late dinner at Rawon Setan (opps forgot to take the picture, too tired to think about taking picture 😴😴😴 hahaha..). See you on the next blog.

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