Trans Studio Bandung

Hi there, today I am gonna share my adventurous day in Trans Studio Bandung, which is a studio full with games such as a 4D movies, shows, roller coaster and etc.

Here we were queing for the 4D movies of the Justice League 😄😄😄

There my nephew with his superhero ‘Spiderman’ hahaha.. he’s so excited.

Now here we were inside ready to watch the movie, yeay lots of fun there. We enjoyed the movie so much.

Our next riding is Dragon Riders 😆 it’s lots of fun but for me a little bit scary, note: I scare of height 🤣🤣🤣 so.. well, this riding would spin you and move you up and down, twirling you stomach. I took the picture before it start so you could still see our smile hahahhaha..

Well, after being up and down, we chose to ride something safer 😆 for our heart beat, it was called Transcar Racing.

This video doesn’t exist

Okay so now we had lunch and enjoyed the ghosts around.

Lunch time was up and we really wanted to go inside the ghost world called “Dunia Lain” (The Other World).

Well, off we go inside hmmm.. dark, cold, and mysterius, we saw no one and there’s a high escalator in front of us. We startled, saw each other and decided not to go inside 🤣🤣🤣 we was too afraid to go up there.

Afterward, we went to a museum which was so interesting for us and the kids.

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Here we were allowed to touch the baby sharks which was so fun 😄 for the kids and adults too hahaha..

Opps it was the time for the parade, c’mon lets see it.

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This video doesn’t exist

So it’s already evening and we were tired, well except the kids I guess 😄 anyway, it was time to have dinner and went back to rest since we had to wake up in the morning to visit another aunt. Well, I’ll see you on the next blog 👋😊 bye for now.

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