Waiting is a common activity for human being. We wait for public transportation, we wait for people, we wait for a chance, we wait for an appointment, etc. 

If we count the time that we’ve spent for waiting it means the whole life 😆 don’t you believe it? Hahahaha.. ok let’s think further, for an example as kids, we wait for a school bus every morning then after we arrive at school we wait for the school bell to ring. When we start our study, we wait for the school to end 😆 so that we can play around or have lunch. Well, after we finish our time at school we wait again the school bus to take us back home. Then at home we can not wait to see our parents going home from work, etc.

As an adult, we wait for so many things. Sometimes we frustated because of waiting. That’s way we never just live for this moment, because we wait for things. Can we just forget about waiting? Just be at this moment, enjoy every single moment without thinking about the past and the future, then we are not waiting anymore. We will just enjoy this time, right now without worrying for the future. 

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