Labuan Cermin Lake

Where is Labuan Cermin Lake? 😉 It is located in Labuan Kelambu village, East Kalimantan. I have told you on my previous blog (Adventurous Trip) that we came back to land at noon. Well, we arrived at the hotel to take a shower and have lunch. 

As soon as we finished, we checked out and continued our journey to Labuan Cermin Lake. It took around 2 hours driving to reach the lake. We were tired but it was really worth after we arrived there. 

It was gorgeous isn’t it? 😍😍😍 the lake is like a mirror, the water is really clear as you can see here. We took the boat from here to the other part of the lake where we could swim in it. Ok now let see the other part of the lake.

The scenery is incredibly gorgeous 😍😍😍 the water is clear to the bottom. Here’s the video there.

That day was so fun and wonderful how we could get this far blending with the nature. Well have a great day guys 👍😉 see you on my next blog.

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