Lovin beach

Have I told you that I love beach so much? I’m not sure is it because I am a Pisces, so I always love anything involved with water.

My Chinese Zodiac is Dragon with fire element. Is that influenced me to choose beach or water to calm me down. 

I would try to write a poem to describe what I feel near the beach:

Whatever your colours are..

It might be blue, green, turkish, or whatever it is..

I still love you…

It doesn’t matter how’s the weather..

Sunny, Rainy, Gloomy or whatever it is..

I still love you..

It always fun to play araound with you or just walk side by side..

I am not sur what kind of realtionship that we have..


I still love you..

Even just to stand here and watch you from a distance.. I feel calm and blessed.. 

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